Acces STEM

Our daily life and necessities are increasingly linked to technology. The digital age is disrupting labour markets and skills needs. New work patterns emerge; work is increasingly knowledge-based and decentralized. Therefore, world leaders recognize that there’s a strategic importance to innovation and knowledge in STEM.

STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics. This broad educational concept focuses heavily on the aforementioned academic disciplines. According to an article by Microsoft about the impact of STEM education, by 2030 there will be 50 million open vacancies worldwide for positions requiring STEM skills. That’s why governments around the world are putting an emphasis on pushing and strengthening these disciplines in education.In many parts of the world these disciplines are being promoted through initiative from non-profits. Due to an outdated and is some cases a flawed education systems, STEM education is still not accessible for many. We want to do our part and help fill the gaps! Through this educational project we would like to contribute to a global movement of promoting STEM education.

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